3 Ways to Win More Customers for Your Business or Law firm by using Social Media

Marketing your company and generating new customers is only one piece of the overarching business puzzle. Another piece of that puzzle is to continue nurturing those people so that you can gain new customers & build deeper relationships that last by using a good social media strategy and a good follow-up system.

What’s up guys, John Henao here. Today I‘m going to talk about how to win more customers for your business or law firm by having a good social media strategy and a good follow-up system.

Before I get into the social media strategy and follow-up systems, I want to share a real statistic with you. Did you know that only 3% of people are ready to buy? This applies to any industry. So that means that the other 97% of people are either thinking about buying, or they’re not even thinking about your business. That means that that prospect you’re trying to sell your services to, most of the time, is going to fall under that 97%. They’re not going to say yes on the first call, or on the first meeting. That’s why you need a good follow-up system to improve your chances.

The same thing goes, if you‘re running Facebook adsmost of the time that one ad is not going to convert or cause that customer to call you and say “hey, I want to do business with you”, it’s going to take multiple adsmultiple touches, in order for that customer to say yes.

So with that said, I want to share three strategies in order for you to win more customers.

Have email automation in place. Look for software that not only has email automation but also text messaging and voice drops. That way you can create a series of campaigns, so that whenever you’re speaking to a potential customer, you can grab their email and put them in this drip campaign, so that they receive an email from you on the first day, then next week, then they’ll receive a text message. And like that, you‘re being top of mind, and the type of messages you‘re sending to them is just education content.

Be consistent on social mediayou want to make sure that you‘re posting on a consistent basis, good content, because most of the time, your prospects are not going to call youthey‘re going to be scoping you out before calling youthey‘re going to be looking at your social media pages: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn… they’ll be looking at your website. And if you don’t post good content on a consistent basis, there’ll be almost no chances of winning them as a customer.

In addition, when you‘re posting consistently on social media, you can take all the traffic that’s coming to your Facebook and Instagram page, and retarget. Run a specific ad to those people that are liking your posts, that are watching your video, that is going to your website. That makes you more top of mind and gives you that social proof.

The third and last idea to win more customers is to have video testimonials. Make sure you‘re asking your past customers for video testimonials. And I know it‘s easier said than done. But hey, it doesn’t hurt to ask. And if you need to ask multiple times, do it. Because eventually, you‘re going to get some video testimonials. There’s a really cool app that we use that’s called https://www.videoask.com/ it’s a free app where you can record yourself with the questions you want to ask your customer. And it just makes it easier for that customer. You send them the link from the app, and they can record themselves from the app then you receive the video testimonial and you can edit it yourself. Once you receive those video testimonials, You can put them on your websiteyou can also run Facebook ads and it gives you that trust factor that social proof that you need to win more customers.

Hey guys, If you need help in this area and you want to get a social media strategy in place or you need a good follow-up system make sure to DM us or reach out to us and we’ll love to get on a 15-minute discovery call with no commitment. Have a nice day.

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