What’s the “Why” Behind your Law Firm?

I wanna talk to you today about the importance of knowing your “Why” when you’re trying to grow your company or law firm to the next level.

You see, a lot of times as business owners, we tend to focus on just the sales, the revenue, adding more team members, like the sexiest things in running a business.

And those things are fun! I mean, those things are cool and you should be focusing on the sales and the revenue. That’s very important. But something else that you should be focusing on. The Why.

Why do you want to grow? Why do you wanna add more team members? What’s the why behind it? 

And there’s a great book by Simon Sinek that the name of the book is, is called Find Your Why. That’s a great book. And what he teaches is that if you know your why, there’s more purpose behind it.

It’s gonna motivate you to keep on going when things get tough.

So in our agency, our why, I’m gonna share a little bit about our. One of our whys is that we, we wanna be an impact to small businesses and to law firms.

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