Growing through Social Media is a Long Term Game.

 I wanna talk to you today about the importance of being consistent in your social media if you want to grow your business or law firm.

So if you’re a law firm and you’re not being consistent in your social media, You’re missing out on a lot of opportunities. I see social media as a huge bank account or many bank accounts where you can be depositing for free every single day to your future prospects.

There’s a book called “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”, and the author, Steven Covey talks about that in order for you to withdraw in someone’s life, you need to be depositing into their lives.

You have to deposit numerous deposits. And I see social media just like that, where if you want to gain a customer outta social media, you need to be depositing a lot of deposits, right?

And the deposits are educational posts, videos, just a lot of content consistently every single day. It’s a long-term game. It’s not a short-term day.

Social media is a long-term.

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