A Brilliant Advertising Framework For Law Firms

Focus on being the guide and not the Hero.

Rather than focusing on the services you provide and bragging about your business success, emphasize the benefits your clients can enjoy if they choose you.

This is the core principle of being the guide in your law firm. Would their life become easy if they invest in your firm? Can they become stress-free of legal issues by hiring you? Would you be able to solve the difficulties they have?

In simple words, you should tell a story about your customers that will instantly make your potential clients engaged and make them interested in your firm. The StoryBrand book is a brilliant framework that guarantees success to your law firm’s online marketing.

As business owners, as a law firm, we’re always focused on the what, and on the how right, how can I get more sales? Or what services can I offer? But in reality, you should be focusing on the why, like, why do you want to grow your law firm? Why do you want to grow your bankruptcy law firm? Why do you want to grow your company? So there has to be a why.

In other words, you could you could tie it in with maybe a nonprofit, like every every sale that you close, you can give it to a nonprofit, maybe 20% or 10% will go to a nonprofit So that gives you a motivation to get up every morning and to go to work, right?

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