A digital marketing framework to dominate your online presence

The practice of digital marketing has grown a lot in the last three decades as the number of people surfing the web surged over the years. From the era of keyword stuffing and spammy backlinks, it evolved into a more sophisticated practice, using big data, personalization, and a whole host of different strategies that involve planning, audit, communications, branding, and more.

Hey, what’s up guys, John here from ewizer. So, when it comes to digital marketing, there are some foundations that need to be their foundation number one is the website. Right? So you got to create the website, the website for me is your home, right? That is the foundation. You have to have a website that converts visitors to followers or visitors to more customers, right? And there’s certain activities that happen for you to get traffic to the website that need to take place.

Number one is, you need to do SEO. Okay, so search engine optimization, we need to optimize your website, you know, to the fullest, you know, you want to make sure that you’re coming out on directories offsite, um you know, directories doing inbound links doing on site stuff on the website.

So just maximizing, you know, and optimizing your website. Number two is you want to do is social media. Yes. Social media helps a lot because it builds more organic traffic. Right? And that creates a lot of signals in google.

So having a social media presence will point back to your website. Number three is Facebook ads. So Facebook ads is more of a short term strategy. Alright, that’s to get more leads quicker because seo is more long term, social media is more long term.

So Facebook ads is short term, so you can get a targeted audience, you could do a custom audience, which you could target emails, phone numbers and make sure that it’s going back to your website, you see because the website is the hub. Number four is Google ads. Right? So there’s many types of Google ads.

There’s local service ads, there’s Google ads, right? And this is more of a short term strategy, just like Facebook ads. Right? So doing Google ads, Facebook ads, you know, SEO, social media, that is a balance that will bring you more success.

And I would say if I had to add a number, you know, you know, a fifth one; the fifth one would be email marketing. So, email marketing is more to take care of your existing base, right? So if you have an email list, if you buy an email list too, but it’s not the best type of marketing is more of a shotgun approach.

The best approach is if you have an email list because on that email you’re gonna send valuable content like your blog article, you’re gonna send a lot of just good content that’s gonna point back to your website. Alright, if I had to get one more, you know, it would be blog articles, right? Even though blog articles do live on a website, but you can distribute them, you know, on different directories and you’re gonna put links that are gonna point back to your website.

So as you can see that you need a lot of activities in order to get more traffic to your website, you know, and if you do this recipe, your law firm or business will grow.

Guys, that’s all I have for today.

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