Consistency is Key in Social Media

Be consistent on social media. You wanna make sure that you’re posting on a consistent basis, good content. Because most of the time your prospects are not going to call you. They’re gonna be scoping you out before calling you.

They’re gonna be looking at your social media page on Facebook, on Instagram, on LinkedIn. They’re gonna be going to your website.

And if you don’t have good content on a consistent basis, that’s not going to improve your chances of winning them as a customer.

In addition, when you’re posting consistently on social media, what you can do is, all the traffic that’s coming to your Facebook page, all the traffic that’s going to your Instagram page, you can retarget and run a specific ad to those individual people that are liking your posts, that are watching your videos, that are going to your website, and you can run an ad specifically for them.

So that makes you more top of mind and gives you that social proof.

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