Crafting a Visionary Workplace with the Right Team

 What’s up guys, hope you’re doing great.

The other day I was thinking about how we have built an amazing culture in our agency and now in our staffing company. I was asking myself like, how did we achieve this? And I’ll tell you how it happened.

It happened nine years ago when I hired my first team member from Colombia.

That team member knew where I wanted to go. I remember vividly going to a restaurant with him and having lunch with him and just explaining where I wanted the agency to go.

And he saw the vision. He was excited about it. He was like, “John, I want that too. I’m eager to start and help you”.

And nine years later, we have seen the fruit.

I mean, we’ve had a little hiccups here and there when we hire someone that doesn’t fit our culture, but we’ve had to let them go because we have a standard.

And that’s what I want to tell you today, that if you haven’t built the right culture in your agency, if maybe you have the wrong team member in the wrong seat, maybe what you need is someone that sees your vision, sees the culture that you’re trying to build.

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