Create a Movement

 What’s up, guys? I’m here in Funnel Hacking Live, and it’s been amazing!

I just want to share one of the things I learned from today’s session was that anyone can build a business, but not everyone can build a movement.

So if you’re having issues with your team members that they’re not lasting that long within your team, or they’re quitting, you want to make sure you’re building your culture. You want to make sure that you’re building some type of movement that will motivate them, that will keep them wanting to go back to your office or agency.

So one of the things that you can do is find out what those key motivators are.

Why does a team member want to continue working?

Like, what are the motivators to keep those team members longer.

So make sure that you’re building culture. One tip that I give you is also create some type of award system.

So if your team members, once you hire them, if they’re doing a great job, what you can do is create some type of award system and recognize them in front of their team, in front of their peers.

And that’s a great way to have more engagement and more continuity within the group.

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