Elevate Your Video Content with this Simple Hack

Are you having a hard time creating more video content for your business or agency?

I’m going to share one quick hack that you can do today in order for you to have more videos in a consistent fashion.

So one of the things that we have been doing in our agency is that we record every single zoom meeting. That’s right. Every single zoom meeting.

That means if we’re having a leadership meeting, if we’re having an internal meeting, we’re recording it. If we’re having a sales call. If we’re having a call with a prospect or even a call with a vendor, we’re recording all those meetings.

The cool thing is that once we finish with those recordings, we can then edit them on a software called Descript.

Descript will just break up every single video or that long form video into bits and pieces and we can grab some audio content from there. We can create some reels from that content and that’s pretty much it. It’s super simple.

Now make sure that when you’re recording these videos, you let the other party know that you’re going to be recording this session, this meeting, for advertisement purposes or for educational purposes.

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