Empower Your Goals: The Vision Board Strategy

 Hey, what’s up?

So we’re here at ewizer and I want to share something really cool that we’re doing as a culture is we decided that everyone needs to create a vision board.

So when they go to work, they’re not just working without purpose. So all the team members did their own little vision board where it talks about what they want to achieve for that year.

So JC, right. He created that he wanted, like one of the things was to be debt free.

Mel wants to travel more. So we know that if she’s working hard, right? She’s going to probably make more money. She’s going to have that vision. Like if I work hard now, then I can get promoted. I can, I can have bonuses and then she’ll have the money to travel.

But I think it’s important that if you’re working somewhere that you set goals, that you have a vision board.

I had a vision board. One of the things I did was to create a one year word. And last year, I think my one year word was focus.

So I needed to focus. Focus on the important things. Focus on what’s gonna get me closer to my goals.

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