Engage Viewers from the First Second on Instagram Reels

Hey, what’s up, guys? John here.

I’m going to show you a cool little hack for you to measure your video reels on Instagram.

So did you know that Instagram released something on the metrics where it shows the average watch time for every video? So guess what? I’m going to show you right now.

So you go to the video reel and you go to the little three dots. And you go to insights and on insights, you’ll see the total plays, the total watch time and the average watch time. So as you can see, this one says 10 seconds.

So if the video is a minute long and you have 10 seconds of watch time, that’s not good. You want to improve the beginning of the video so that you get the person that’s watching the video, engaged.

So this is just a little hack for you when you’re doing new videos to make sure that when you start the video, you make it catchy, you can deliver the problem or the solution in the beginning.

That’s all I wanted to share.

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