Engage with your Peers and Clients!

 Hey, what’s up? So we’re here at the Live Intensive. This happens every three months with Josh Nelson.

So, what was your key takeaway out of this event, this marketing event? Yeah, absolutely. My key takeaway was, stage time is your money time.

Make sure that you go out there and be part of  associations and the speaking events and make sure that you prepare yourself.

And there has to be a framework. So Sean was on the stage, he showed us what kind of framework you have to present. Emotional intelligence.

After that, you gotta follow the entire framework to engage the audience.

One of the things that I took, my, my key takeaway was pretty much using the Dream 100 strategy as not just focusing on that individual Dream 100, but actually going after the key players of the Dream 100, like affiliates and whatnot.

And so that was my key takeaway. And then once you get those JVs. Then those JVs can actually become major players.

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