Enhance your team’s productivity and collaboration abilities with Slack & Click up!

How did you guys go about implementing these tools and softwares?

Yeah, so what I did was I learned it just over the top, and as an entrepreneur business owner, that’s what I recommend because if you start trying to learn the whole software by yourself, It’s gonna be very overwhelming.

So what I did was I empowered one of my team members, Laura, and she just took full charge and started learning the software. And then once she knew it, about 50% or 60%, then she taught everyone how it works. Pretty much. So I guess you could say that this software has kind of almost improved productivity.

And has it also maybe improved your team’s abilities to problem solve?

Oh yeah, totally. Because everything gets documented.

Like whenever we speak to a customer, we can slack each other or send a message to Slack and let whoever is managing that account, to let them know what’s going on.

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