Get more Engagement by using Real Content

 Hey, what’s up guys? So I’m here at Coral Gables visiting a client, and we do this with most of our clients if they’re local, cause we have clients everywhere.

And we did a photoshoot today. We recorded short form videos. And the reason we’re doing that is because we use these photos for their social media profiles.

And that’s what I wanna talk to you today about. If you have an Instagram page, if you have a Facebook page, and you’re not using real content like real photos, real short form videos, you’re not gonna get the engagement that you’re looking for.

And not only with the engagement, but the purpose of short form video and photos is because you want to be the authority in your industry.

You know, as a lawyer, as a business owner, you wanna make sure that you’re putting yourself out there.

So guys, that’s all I wanted to share. If you’re not putting real content, make sure to start doing it and you’re gonna see more engagement and you’re gonna build that social proof that you need for your business or law firm.

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