Get more leads with Facebook ads!

Hey, what’s up guys? Hope we’re having a great day today. I just wanna share a quick tip on running Facebook ads. So if you’re not doing Messenger ads on Facebook, you’re missing out because it works! And one way that it works is make sure that when you run an ad, whether you’re doing a short 15 second video, you’re running a photo with content over it.

Make sure that it comes out only on stories. Why? Because people are living on stories. They’re scrolling through your feed and There’s more interaction on the stories. So you could put, when you log into your Facebook manager, you could put that you wanna run this type of ad only on stories.

And you can run literally $5 a day for like six days, $30, and you’ll be surprised on how many people will message you on the service that you have to offer. We already ran it for a couple attorneys, we have run it for our agency and it, it really works.

That’s all I wanted to share. If you’re running Facebook ads, make sure you do Messenger ads on stories and just put $5 a day for six days and you’re gonna see it’s gonna work for you.

Hope you like this video. Thanks so much.


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