Grow your Business using Facebook Ads

 Hey guys, John here for ewizer. Today I’m gonna show you Facebook Ad techniques to help you grow your local business. 

The first simple technique is to run a Remarketing Ad.

This type of ad is only run on people that have had some interest in your products or services. So these people have probably visited your website, they’ve gone to your Contact Us page or About Us page, so Facebook can retarget those people by running a specific ad to those people.

You can also grab your email list and also put your email list on Facebook to Retarget.

And these are emails from prospects that have never done business with you, but they know about your services, they’ve heard about you, so you want to retarget them by doing retargeting ads.

The second simple technique is to run a customer campaign.

You wanna run a Facebook Ad campaign to your existing customer base. You wanna run an ad to people that have purchased from you from the past or even currently.

And these type of ads are great because your customers are gonna recognize you when they see the ad on Facebook.

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