Empower Your Team For Success

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When you strategically invest in your team members, you attract and build a strong work culture unafraid of innovation, change, failure, and success. In this video, I share 3 examples of how to communicate with your team members and clients.

Today I’m going to talk about the importance of empowering and investing in your team members so that you can grow your company or law firm to the next level. 

Conduct learning meetings every single week: on Ewizer we do it on Fridays. And this past Friday, we had an amazing learning meeting where we were talking about the importance of communicating effectively, with our prospects and with our clients. 

The meeting was amazing because everyone was sharing their opinions on what communication was. And I remember, JC, one of our team members said “We must be empathic when we’re communicating with someone. If you’re just communicating, and you’re not listening empathically, then there’s no way that you can communicate back effectively.” 

Pablo said that communication is a two-way process -That’s so true. A lot of times, we think that communication is just one way, and we don’t listen to what the other person is saying. 

This other team member also spoke that communication is something we learn, It’s not something that can be taught, the more you communicate, the better communicator you will be. So you need to practice.

So guys, make sure that you’re depositing/ investing in your team members. Because if you invest in your team members, it’ll allow your culture and your team to grow and it’s going to help you in the long run.