How to automate & scale your business or law firm to the next level

Start growing your business or law firm today by automating your whole process.
In this video, I will show you 2 simple things you should be doing every day to scale and grow your law firm.

Hey, what’s up guys hope you’re having a great day today I just left my house got in my car had to do some errands. But I decided to do a video before I head back on how you can automate and scale your business to the next level. And I’m going to share just a few things on what we’re doing in our agency, which could help you as well. So number one is you need to be documenting every single day.

That means in the end of the day, get a sheet of paper, get a Google Doc, and document everything that you’re doing as the business owner, or even while you’re doing it through the day documented, all the tasks that you’re doing other departments that you’re in, and you should start delegating those tasks to another team member that can probably do it even better than you. And this applies to for team members, team members should be documenting everything and that and that goes with whatever department they’re in. So documenting will allow you to find out which bottlenecks are holding you back. And a bottleneck is something pretty much just holding you back. Something that it’s getting you stuck in the process. So you got to find out, what are the bottlenecks that’s holding you as a business owner to move forward. As a business owner, you should be in sales and business development.

But I understand in the beginning, as a business owner, even when you have a team of five or 10, the business owner can be involved in a lot of different things, burn a lot of hats, and you’re not going to be able to scale that way. So make sure that you’re documenting and handing it off to someone that could probably do it even better. So that’s number one. Number two is after you document number two is you need to create systems you need to figure out which software’s which systems. You can put all these steps right, so that you could take action, and your team members can take action, they can have a checklist. So in our world, we have a software that is a project management tool. That allows us to pretty much every department has tasks. And whenever they finish a task, they’re just check marking each milestone. So pretty much brings organization. So that’s it, guys. That’s all I want to share. Those two things are very important. You need to be documenting every single day, if not every week. Number two is you need to have systems in place. So make sure you find the right software’s that the software will do it for you pretty much. I mean, not nothing is going to do it completely for you, you’re going to be focused on just implementing everything in the software. And then there’s going to be a lot of triggers a lot of automation that could happen. So if you think of a company that probably has systems in place, they’ve probably documented for sure before they started. One. One big company that comes to mind is Amazon. I mean, Amazon is a great company. I know they’re an online merchant during their Ico commerce website under the biggest retailer online, but you can tell that everything is automated. So But guys, if you want to automate your business, remember, you need a document. And you have to have systems in place. And you have to delegate because if you if you document and you don’t delegate, then documenting defeats the purpose you have to document and then delegate. guys hope you like that. But there’s one thing that I want you to do is to take action. If you liked this video, why don’t you like it? Share it with your friends, share with your business coworkers, and I’ll see you on the next video. Thank you so much. Bye bye

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