How to Easily Get More 5 Star Google Reviews to Help your Law Firm or Business Rank Higher in Google

One way to make your Law Firm or Business RANK HIGHER in Google is by getting more 5-star Google reviews. There are many benefits to having a lot of 5-star Google reviews, such as increased visibility and social proof WHICH WILL HELP BOOST THE RANKING FOR YOUR WEBSITE TOO! I share 3 practical tips you can implement today to help you get more reviews.

Hey, what’s up guys, John Henao here. 

Today I’m going to talk about how to easily get more five-star Google reviews for your law firm or business.

 I’m just going to share a few things on what’s been working in our agency and also for our clients. 

  1. Make sure that you’re copying the URL from your Google My Business, and sending it out via text message or email to your client asking for that five star Google review. You can have your assistant do this. Make sure it’s the same day you finished their case and that they are happy with the results. Who doesn’t want to give you a five-star Google review if you’ve done a great job for them? 
  1. Record a Generic one-minute video of yourself asking for the review and thanking your client, the video can go like this:  “Hey, thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to help you in your legal case, it was a pleasure working with you. Can you be so kind as to give us a five-star Google review? all you have to do is click the link below.”

Isn’t that cool? Put it on Youtube so that when you finish a case you can send them the link with that video via text message or via email. They’re going to watch your video and they’re going to be encouraged to give you a five-star Google review. 

  1. Incentivize your assistant by rewarding them every time they attain you a five-star Google review. A good way to incentivize them is by paying them for every review that they give you. You can pay them anywhere from $50 per five-star review, or $75, or even up to $100. That’s going to motivate them to be on top of your client until they give it to you. Because a lot of times our clients are not going to respond. They’re not going to give you that five star Google review. You have to be on top of them because they get busy. But if your secretary is motivated, because they know they’re going to make $50 or $75 or $100 they’re going to be on top of them even more. So it’s a win-win scenario on both sides. 

Hey guys, that’s all I wanted to share. If you like this video, please, like, comment or share. 

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Thank you so much.

John Henao

CEO Ewizer

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