How to Grow and Become a High Performer

You can become a high performer by surrounding yourself with the right people & writing down your goals. Always take action and never stop learning. 💪

Hey, what’s up guys? Hope you’re having a great day today.

Today we had an awesome learning meeting. My team and I have learning meetings every Friday and one of our team members, Pablo, shared something really important about how to be a high performer. He said that high performers usually surround themselves with the right people so that they can be accountable in whatever they’re doing, whether they’re setting goals or want to improve in certain areas and that’s so true. I think that if we’re not surrounding ourselves with the right people, we probably will not accomplish the goals that we set for ourselves.

The other thing that’s really important is that we need to make sure that we’re setting goals because even though we surround ourselves with the right people, setting the right goals in our lives is important because if you don’t write it down, then it’s just gonna be a wish, right? So it was pretty cool. 

Today, I learned a lot. Not only did Pablo learn because he shared it, but it’s very important to grow. So guys, If you want to grow as a person, make sure that you’re surrounding yourself with the right people and also writing down your goals because what gets measured gets done and always improves. Guys that’s all I wanted to share. Check out our video and make sure to like, comment and share. 

Thank you. See you in my next blog.

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