How to Retain Team Members

What’s up guys, John here.

So I want to share something really valuable on how to retain your team members longer.

See, a lot of times we invest so much in hiring a team member, but we don’t invest time to retain them. So a lot of times agencies have a team member that lasts six months, eight months, a year, but imagine if your team members can last for three years, four years.

So one of the things that we have done in our agency is that we always communicate. Communication is obvious, right? So make sure that you have a good slack channel, make sure that you create an environment that you can go back and forth when it comes to communication.

The other aspect is you want to make sure that you’re creating a good culture where you’re celebrating wins, celebrating birthdays, just celebrating and making sure that they’re valuable because in the end of the day, if they feel that it’s just a job and they’re not contributing to something bigger then it’s, you know, they’re going to end up quitting or they’re going to go somewhere else, right? 

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