Hey, what’s up guys? John Henao here from ewizer. I wanna talk to you today about the importance of knowing your superpower in your business or law firm.

So, we were searching and finding out what was our superpower in our agency, and we created a survey and we sent it out to our clients to find out what our superpower was.

And when we got the survey back, we were shocked. We thought that they were gonna write, “you guys are great marketers”. “You guys are great at doing Facebook ads and doing the social media”. But they kept on telling us that they were coming back to us because we communicated effectively to them.

We listened to them.

We were great at customer service.

We were great at responding back to their emails.

We were great at giving them that client attention.

We’re always reminding our team members of their superpower, what makes them unique, what makes us unique.

So I challenge you today, what is your superpower in your business, in your law firm?

What makes you different?

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