Law Firm Marketing Ideas to Rank Higher in Google Maps

Did you know that 82% of smartphone searches, search for businesses online using ‘near me’ queries? 90% of those same users are more likely to click on the first set of results instead of scrolling down. That is how important Google Maps has become. In this video, I share 2 simple tips to rank higher on Google Maps.

Here are 2 tips to rank higher on Google Maps:

1. Adjust your primary category with the relevant keywords you want to rank for. What a lot of lawyers do is that have their primary category as “Law Firm”, but if you’re offering a specific service that you want to rank for, like, let’s say you’re a Personal Injury Attorney, make sure that your main category says “Personal Injury Law Firm”, or if you’re a Family Law Attorney, the same thing, make sure that your primary category is “Family Law Firm”; If your Law Firm has other areas of practice, you can add them as additional categories but make sure those additional categories are relevant to the main category.

2. Put keywords in the Google My Business title. If you’re a Family Law Attorney, and you know you rank for specific keywords like “Best Family Attorney in Denver”, or “Best Personal Injury Attorney in Denver”, you can add those keywords on the title and you’re going to rank super fast. There’s a drawback, You need to change your Business Name legally so you don’t get in trouble with Google but there are some attorneys that have gotten away with it and they’re still ranking because of this little hack.

Hey guys, that’s all I wanted to share, see you in my next blog post.

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