Mastering Slack: Your Team’s Secret Weapon

 So one of my favorite tools of all time is Slack. Slack is amazing if you want to have great communication within your team.

So let me show you how we have our setup:

So Slack, how it works is you have different channels in Slack. And one of the channels that we have is announcements.

When it comes with announcements is whenever you have any type of announcements, like birthday parties, zoom meetings, you can put it on the Slack so that everyone in your team knows.

The second channel is check in and check out. So this is a simple channel. So when someone comes into work, they check in when someone goes to go eat, they check out.

So it’s a great way to know when your team members are working at the office.

The other channels that we have, we have a general channel. We have a random channel. We also have one, which is amazing for tips and tricks and also for wins, which is my favorite.

Wins is something that we love because that motivates the team. Whenever there’s a specific win from a client, or we want to make sure that we acknowledge them on the wins channel.

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