Maximize your Law Firm’s Online Presence with Google Local Service Ads

 As you know, when someone is searching for a law firm in Google, the first three things that appear on Google are the Google Ad section, which is PPC. That means every time someone clicks on your ad, they’re gonna charge you per click. And then the Google Map section, which is Google My Business, and then the organic section.

So, as you know, these three places are crucial for your law firm to be ranking, but with Google Local Service Ads, you’re gonna be right on top, and that’s what makes this very attractive.

Now, I’m not saying that you should only be ranking on Google Local Service Ads. You should be also ranking in the other sections as well.

One of the benefits of using local service ads, is that Google’s only gonna charge you for every call that comes in.

Every call that comes in and you speak more than 30 seconds, Google’s gonna charge you. It’s more like a Cost Per Lead Model versus a Cost Per Click.

And you’re gonna know exactly how much each call is, because when you open up the account on Google, Google’s gonna tell you exactly what your threshold is or  what you want your threshold to be every single week, and how much each call is gonna be.

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