So I’m gonna share two things that you should be doing right now to move your law firm forward.

Number one is you should be investing in content, in written form and in video form.

So you should be creating content and giving value to your future customers, improving their lives. So you wanna make sure that you’re positioning your law firm at the right time, so make sure that you’re creating a lot of content.

Number two is make sure that your website is coming out on the Google search engines.

Whatever search term they’re searching on Google, make sure that you’re coming out. So when you’re talking about SEO, Search Engine Optimization, That usually takes about three to six months before you come out for certain search terms.

So make sure that you either hire an agency or just start creating content and get an agency, I recommend that to do this for you.

But either way, those are the two things you should be doing is creating content and also updating and optimizing your website.

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