Plan your Marketing

Just finished having a meeting with my operation manager and we were going over the marketing budget for 2024 and we were doing tweaks here and there and just figuring out how we can be more of an impact and build more relationships. And of course we’re already planning out all the events that we’re going to be attending as an attendee and also the ones that we’re going to be sponsoring.

One of the things that I’ve noticed is that once you have a clear picture or a clear roadmap on how much you’re going to be spending, it gives you more perspective on what things you should be cutting out. That really is not as important and putting the things that are the most important in front, that we need to do in order to drive the company forward, right?

I believe one of the most important key ingredients in order to grow your agency is to focus on those activities that are going to be relationship builders. What are those key things that you can do that are going to bring more relationships into the mix, more networking, more possible JV opportunities when you’re surrounded with these activities.

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