Protect Team Morale!

Hey, what’s up John here. I’m gonna share a few things that you can do to keep your team motivated throughout the whole year, and I’m gonna share what we do as an agency to do that. So, number one, and it’s the obvious, you wanna make sure that you’re celebrating birthdays, right? It’s obvious, but there’s a lot of companies that don’t do it.

So one thing you can do is you can decorate your team members space where they work with balloons, with decorations, and when they walk in, they’re like, “oh my God, thank you so much!”. And they feel appreciated, right? So that’s one thing that we do. Number two is we randomly do this, like every month is we surprise them with Starbucks.

We just announced, “hey, we’re gonna have Starbucks today and you can pick your own coffee”, whatever they want. And they get motivated just by that gesture. Number three is what we do is we have a quarterly lunch and they can choose any restaurant they want and we take ’em there and that’s a great time for them too.

And it’s amazing as well. And the fourth thing, which I think is the most important, make sure that you’re acknowledging them in front of their peers. Whenever you have a meeting, make sure that you say, Hey, Julie did an amazing job. She did this, and she feels appreciative with that.

So, that’s all I wanted to share. If you’re not doing this in your business or law firm, you’re missing out. So I hope you start doing it. If you like this video, make sure to like, comment, or share. Thank you so much.

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