Start building your personal brand by creating a website under your name and recording short form videos on a consistent basis!

So one common mistake that lawyers do, is that they hide behind their law firm. And what do I mean by that? They don’t have their own personal brand. 

They have a nice website with their law firm name, but their picture is not on the website. Or maybe they have a picture of themselves, but they don’t have a personal brand.

I highly recommend if you really want to grow your law firm to be building your personal brand, because people do business with other people.

They don’t do business with a company, and the way that you build a personal brand is just to create short form videos, put yourself out on social media, create a website under your personal name, and you can tie them both together so that when someone looks at you, they can relate.

Maybe you’re into playing golf. Maybe you like basketball. And if that person likes basketball, they’ll do business with you just because of that, right?

So make sure to start building your personal brand if you want to grow your law firm to the next level.

That’s all I wanna share.

Thanks so much.

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