So one common mistake I see when it comes to social media profiles is that they’re not putting enough money in the profile.

So what happens is you have a beautiful social media profile, but they’re not investing in the paid ad site. So one strategy that you can do that Dennis Yu does is that you can do a dollar a day, just invest a dollar a day on the ads.

And first you have to define the audience. When you’re running these ads, make sure that you define the audience.

Number two is you want to make sure that You have different video ad sets. So yes, you have to record videos for this to work better.

So once you have different videos, you can create different video ad sets, right, and then put 1 dollar a day for each one.

Then after that, you choose the winner, the one that performs the best.

From there, once you get the one that performs the best, then you can put more money into it. You can invest 10 dollars  a day, 15 dollars a day.

Once you do that, your Facebook ads campaign will be successful.

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