Social Media Managment for Law Firms

When building a law firm marketing strategy, effective social media management with video is crucial. Set goals and make a plan to stick to it—by being consistent and active on social media, you’re more likely to engage with your ideal customer and grow your law firm’s business. Check out this short video on the importance of being consistent on social media.

Hey, what’s up guys John Henao here from ewizer.

I want to share an amazing story that happened yesterday. I received a phone call from a Personal Injury Attorney that has been receiving our emails and advertising and we’ve been talking back and forth for the past three months he’s been wanting to work with our agency but hasn’t been able to because he’s been tied in a contract with this other agency and he came to us because we offer a full package and finally his contract its up.

So he gave us a call yesterday and he explained to us, he’s like “John, I really want to be consistent on social media besides all the other stuff that you guys are gonna do for us, the SEO, the Facebook ads, etc, I want to be consistent on doing videos. And the reason why I say that is because I just closed on a big case from someone that has seen my videos. And even more than that the reason why he did business with us is that he said he was African American” and he was blown away that someone who had watched this video had called him and explained to him that the only reason he’s doing business with him is that he is African American. So that’s the power of social media.

I explained to this attorney that the more consistent you are with social media, the more you put yourself out there, you’re going to be relatable and you’re going to attract the customers that are going to be attracted to you. For example, there are certain customers that will only do business with me because I’m a Miami Heat fan or because I’m Hispanic or because of whatever the reason is, they can relate to me. So that’s what I want to share with you today. That if you’re not tapping into social media, if you’re not being consistent on social media, if you’re not doing videos, There’s a statistic that says that 1% of people are actually doing videos on social media. 1%. So Why not? Why not tap into that 1%. Why not be that 1%. So that when that ideal client is looking for someone you’re going to show up.

Guys, that’s all I wanted to share. See you our next blog post.

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