Stay Motivated

 Hey, what’s up guys? John here. I wanna share a few tips on how you can stay motivated and with good energy throughout the day. So what I do in my agency is that every two hours that I’m working in my agency, I take a break and I recommend for you to take breaks periodically. And I take a five, five to 10 minute break, and what I do is on my first break I usually like stretch.

I usually do push-ups, I do random things in order to keep my body going,  then what I do is I go back to work for another two hours, and what I normally do is on my second break, after the two hours, I have a coffee break. I love coffee. I don’t have coffee in the morning. I usually have it.

To get that caffeine going and stuff in my body. And then what I do is I go back to work. And then on my third break after two hours is I listen to motivational videos, just five or 10 minutes, not a distraction. And the motivational videos just motivate me to keep going, to finish the day strong.

So guys, that’s all I wanted to share.  If you wanna stay motivated throughout the day with high energy, make sure that you’re taking those breaks. They can move five or 10 minute breaks and that’s gonna help you stay motivated.

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