Strategy number three, and as the last one, is to market to your existing email list.

If you have an email list, it’s very powerful because you can grab that email list, enter it into Facebook, and you can run Facebook ads to those email lists.

So that means whenever an email logs in to their Facebook account, Your ad will come out, and this is called a custom audience.

So you can build a custom audience based on your email list. You can also build what is called a lookalike audience.

So a lookalike audience, is pretty much Facebook will grab your existing email list and create an audience for you so that you can run Facebook ads. If you do this, it’s gonna work because once again, you’re targeting a warm list.

Hey guys, that’s all I wanted to share. If there’s anything that I want you to learn from this video is make sure that you advertise to a warm audience, especially when you’re using Facebook ads, PPC, and any paid advertising.

A warm audience is gonna do so much better.

Thank you so much.

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