Strategy number one is video marketing. You wanna make sure that you’re using video to your advantage.

As you know, video is very popular nowadays. The more you get on camera, the more people are gonna respect you, and the more that people are gonna look at you as a thought leader. So not only does video help you personally for your brand, but it also helps for SEO.

So every time you create a video, You’re creating an asset that you can put on your website with your blog, and that’s gonna help you rank on Google. So you’re gonna have all these assets on social media on your website, and the more videos you have, the more positioning your law firm will have.

Strategy number two is to run Facebook retargeting ads.

And you’re probably saying, what the heck is retargeting ads? Well, just like the name implies retargeting. You’re gonna be retargeting the audience that’s visiting your website back to Facebook.

So everyone that’s going to your website, whether through email marketing, whether through Google, if they found you on Google and they visited your website, what you can do is run a retargeting ad so that when those people log into their Facebook page, your ad will come out.

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