Strategies to Get More Clients. Part 1.

The first one that I’m gonna talk about is the short-term strategy, which is to get business right away.

And I recommend running Facebook ads, and I’m not talking about running the typical Facebook ads that everyone runs. I want you to run a video testimonial ad or a case study video ad, and the way that you do this is just reach out to your previous clients that you knocked it out of the park and ask them: “Hey, would you be so kind to create a video for me, a two minute video on the services that we offered you and how we were able to get you over the hump?”.

So once you receive that testimonial, right, all you have to do is just do simple editing and just create a video ad.

When you create a lead ads with a video on it, and that video is a testimonial, you’re gonna stand out of the crowd and you’re gonna be able to relate to prospects clicking on that ad. So I highly recommend that you do a video app.

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