The second strategy, which is the long-term strategy, is SEO, Search Engine Optimization.

You wanna make sure that your website is fully optimized. And the way that you do this is you gotta be creating content on a weekly basis and before creating the content, you wanna make sure that you’re doing keyword research and there’s a lot of free tools that you can use.

One that comes to mind is Uber Suggests. It’s a free tool where you can just enter different keywords and you can find out which keywords people are searching in your industry. So doing keyword research is the first thing you have to do before creating the content.

And now there’s written content and there’s also video content.

So you can create the content in written form, and at the same time, you can create a video talking about that content.

So, as you know, YouTube is the second largest search engine. So if you’re creating videos you know every single week, that’s gonna help you optimize your website.


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