Strategies to Grow your Team Culture

 The first idea is to have learning meetings on a consistent basis. for the past three years we have been conducting learning meetings every single Friday. What we do is we just pick a topic or we just go over an audiobook, on self-development, and we just go chapter by chapter.

And every chapter, someone will be in charge or will lead the first chapter and they’ll just share what chapter one is about, and we’ll have open discussion within that chapter.

And it’s just a great time because the team members are together. We’re sharing information about the chapter, and we’re learning. I mean, even the person that’s leading the group is learning probably more than the person receiving. So it’s just a great time where you can build a team and build the culture.

Idea number two is to create cool t-shirts.

Cool. T-shirts? You’re probably saying “we’re a law firm. We need to be serious. We need to dress professionally.”

That is true, but you still need to have some fun in your culture.

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