Take your business or law firm to new heights by taking advantage of paid ads, SEO and social media!

Most business or law firms ask me, should I be doing paid ads or SEO and social media? And I tell them, you should be doing all three of them.

Because paid ads focuses more on the short term strategy, which means that you’re gonna do Google ads or Facebook ads to get immediate leads.

The long term strategy is more SEO and social media.

When it comes to SEO, you need to be ranking your website, you need to be writing blog articles, you need to be focusing on certain keywords that are gonna be coming out on Google when it comes to social media, posting relevant videos, short form content, creating more posts.

Doing that with a consistent basis, that’s gonna generate more engagement for you and it’s gonna help you long term.

So if you do all three together, that is a perfect match for you to grow your business or law firm.

Thanks so much.

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