The Human Side of Successful Networking

 These past few days have been amazing at the live intensive, every year I go to this event or this mastermind, I hang out with my friends, digital marketing agencies from all across the country and one key takeaway that I always take away are more relationships, better relationships with the existing team members  and just a wealth of knowledge that I learned from all the speakers that spoke and just all the takeaways that I learned from everything they’re sharing. 

And I noticed one thing, that every time When it comes to relationships,

Every time you meet someone or you’re talking to an existing person you already know, you might feel a little bit of intimidated because maybe they’re way ahead of you, right? 

But when you start talking to them, you realize that they’re human.

So I want to encourage you that if you’re not attending any mastermind, especially if you’re a marketing agency and you want to grow,  check out seven figure agency. It’s amazing. But if you’re any other type of business, make sure that you attend these shows, these masterminds and get plugged in with a group of people that are going to push you.

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