The Importance of building a Personal Brand

Hey, what’s up guys? John here. I just got a call from this person that randomly messaged me on Facebook and he’s a lawyer and he told me, John, I just saw one of your videos. I’ve been following you, but one of the videos resonated and man, I really wanna start working with you because I just noticed you, and I’ve been following you.

And I was intrigued about how powerful a personal brand is, right? And that’s what I wanna talk to you about today. If you build your personal brand and you really focus on it, it’s gonna allow your business or law firm to take off. Because remember, people do business with other people.  They don’t do business with a business, right?

It’s P2P. A lot of times we think B2B business to business, but in reality it’s people to people. It’s about building relationships. And that’s why I wanna encourage you that if you haven’t built your personal brand, you can start by just creating short videos at your office, doing the things that you can do, just educating and you’re gonna feel more purpose.

In your business or law firm when you start doing it. Guys, that’s all I wanted to share. If you’re not doing it, make sure that you start building your personal brand because it’s very powerful and it’s gonna allow your business or law firm to grow. Thank you so much.

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