If there’s one thing that we’ve done as an agency that has allowed us to grow rapidly the last two years, is that we’ve been consistent in a few things.

We’ve been consistent in a few things that have allowed us to grow and scale to the next level.

And I’m gonna share just a few things while I’m jogging and I’m gonna take you on the ride.

So the first thing that we’ve been doing consistently is that we have been conducting learning meetings every single week. So we gather our team every Friday and we just talk on a subject, on a specific subject and usually the subject,  it’s about self-development, it’s about leadership, and we have one person that leads the group and that person leads the group for 15, 20 minutes.

And after 15, 20 minutes, we have an open discussion. Everyone can share their opinion. Everyone can just learn from each other on what the discussion is about.

We’ve been doing it for the past three years, and it has transformed our culture, transformed our team members.

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