The why behind Law Firm Marketing

Have you ever thought what is the purpose of your law firm?
What is the story behind your purpose? What is the problem that you are actually solving?
Knowing your “why” will bring more purpose, fulfillment, and uniqueness to your law firm.

As business owners, as a law firm, we’re always focused on the what, and on the how right, how can I get more sales? Or what services can I offer? But in reality, you should be focusing on the why, like, why do you want to grow your law firm? Why do you want to grow your bankruptcy law firm? Why do you want to grow your company? So there has to be a why.

In other words, you could you could tie it in with maybe a nonprofit, like every every sale that you close, you can give it to a nonprofit, maybe 20% or 10% will go to a nonprofit So that gives you a motivation to get up every morning and to go to work, right?

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