So a lot of people tell me, how do you create an effective digital marketing strategy? And I’m gonna talk about three simple things you can do to have an effective digital marketing strategy.

So number one is, you wanna make sure that you’re defining your target market. You wanna make sure that you have the right geographical area, the right avatar.

You wanna make sure that you know their pinpoints. So defining your target market is so crucial if you’re running Facebook ads or PPC.

Number two is you wanna define your goals, right? What are you trying to do? Is it brand awareness?  Is it to get more leads? So defining your goal, it’s super important.

Number three is, you wanna make sure that you choose your channel. Whether you’re gonna just focus on PPC or Facebook ads, or you might wanna combine both. Like organic, which is SEO, doing social media and PPC and Facebook ads, which is more short-term strategy.

My opinion is focus on both, so you have a more holistic approach when it comes to advertising.

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