Truths to Grow your Law Firm With. Part 1.

Number one is you need to have a mechanism where you’re getting clients every single time.

You wanna make sure that you have a sales pipeline, a pipeline that’s getting filled up every single month. And the way that you do that, it could be running paid ads, Facebook ads, Google ads, you’re doing a cold outreach, so you’re sending emails on a consistent basis to a cold list.

There’s so many things you can do. But you gotta have a system or a process that you’re consistently getting clients every single month. You can depend on word of mouth cause your business won’t grow like that. Your law firm will never grow if you’re just depending on word of mouth.

It’s like a triangle.

So one side of the corner is you gotta be getting clients every single month.

Number two is, you wanna make sure that you’re delivering results.

So the triangle is one of them has got clients. The other side of the triangle is you want to give them results.

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