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 So the other day, last week, I was at Target with my wife and we were looking for clothes for my oldest son, and I wanted also to buy a shirt for myself, a t-shirt. So I went to the area where the T-shirts were at, and I noticed a Jeep shirt, and I’m like, “Oh my gosh!”. And that’s a shirt I’m wearing right now.

I actually purchased a t-shirt and I didn’t care how much the shirt was. I wanted to purchase it. It was a good price. I think it was like $12 or $13, but I started thinking about how powerful a brand is.

 When I purchased my vehicle, my Jeep, I always wanted a Jeep. But when I purchased it, I realized that it’s more than just a Jeep.

There’s a huge community of people that when they pass by you, they even wave at you. There’s people that love buying the merch like me. I love buying t-shirts that say Jeep on it, and so that’s what I wanna talk to you today. 

What are people thinking about you as a person and as a business?

When they think of your business, are they thinking about great customer service? Or great team members? 

When I think of that person, oh man, that guy has great customer service or that person, he’s a family man or that person he has, he’s a great Christian, right?

So guys, that’s all I wanted to share.

If you want to really build your life and your business, make sure that you’re building your personal brand and who you want to be known for, because if not, then people are not gonna know you for anything.

Hope you like that.

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