Two Steps to Automate and Scale your Business

 Hey, what’s up guys? Hope you’re having a great day today.

I just left my house, got in my car, had to do some errands, but I decided to do a video before I head back on how you can automate and scale your business to the next level.

So number one is, you need to be documenting every single day.

That means in the end of the day, get a sheet of paper, get a Google Doc and document everything that you’re doing as the business owner. Or even while you’re doing it through the day, document it. All the tasks that you’re doing, all the departments that you’re in, and you should start delegating those tasks to another team member.

Number two is, you need to create systems. You need to figure out which softwares, which systems you could put all these steps, so that you could take action. And your team members can take action.

In our world, we have a software that is a project management tool that allows us to, pretty much every department has tasks and whenever they finish a task and check mark it.

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