Unleash the Power of 5-Star Reviews

 Hey, what’s up guys? John here.

I’m going to share one quick tip on how to optimize your Google business profile so that you can rank higher in the map section.

So it’s obvious that you need a lot of Google reviews for you to start ranking. That’s one big metric that you need.

But did you know that when someone leaves you a five star Google review, you can reply back with the keywords that you want to rank for?

So for example, if a client leaves you a great review, you can reply back if it’s, let’s say it’s a lawyer, you can reply back and say, “thank you so much for giving us a five star Google review. Your review allows us to be the best lawyer in Miami or the best lawyer in California.”

So you see how you can reframe it so that you start ranking within the Google Maps.

So that’s just one quick tip for you to rank higher in the Google Maps section.

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