Unlocking Growth

I believe most businesses are lacking efficiency in their operations because they don’t have the right person helping them. They don’t have that Robin.

They don’t have that go-to person that they can depend on to run their operations.

And I’m not going to tell you that it’s smooth sailing when you find someone that understands digital marketing or understands your business. But the goal here is that you get someone that sees your vision.

And I remember back when I started my agency, or when I was in the infancy level, I saw potential in one of my team members and he saw the vision.

He saw where I wanted to take my agency and I feel that that’s the key if you want to grow your business or even your agency you want to find the right person that is going to manage your future team and it’s going to also see the vision on where you want to take the agency.

If you find that person and if you’re struggling to find that person, just make sure that the person you do hire is the opposite as yourself. If you hire somebody that’s very entrepreneury, that’s not going to work.

You got to find the opposite.

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