Vibrant Culture in your Business

Hey, what’s up guys. Hope you’re doing great. I want to share one valuable tip when it comes to hiring new team members for your business.

A lot of times when we’re looking for the right hire, we’re asking the obvious questions like “How long have you worked in your previous job?” “What type of experience do you have in this specific role?” “What tools do you know?” These are all great questions, but there’s one question that I’m sure you don’t ask.

And this question will only pertain if you have a fun culture in your business. You want to ask them, “Hey, do you like to have fun?”  That’s it. And you get more in detail and you can ask them because in our culture, we like to have fun.

We take pictures, we do videos. There’s a silly hat day, whatever it is that your culture does, you want to make sure that whoever you’re hiring is okay with that, because if they’re not, then you might reconsider hiring them.

Because remember, culture is very important for you to keep it vibrant and alive in your business.

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