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The best marketing strategy for your firm

We will help you build your new business by creating a customized law firm marketing plan that fits your needs and helps you reach more clients. The right strategy might include SEO Management, Targeted Social Ads or Direct Mailers. But an effective marketing strategy will use several of these approaches to attract clients throughout your market.

Setting The Foundation With A Good Website & A Strong Law Firm SEO Strategy

Prior to starting any of our marketing strategies, our law firm design team works to create an exceptional new website. We design the website to complement and showcase your brand and services, write custom content that highlights your unique voice and vision, and optimize the site’s user experience to make it seamless and easy to navigate.

Next up we handle the search engine optimization or SEO. The goal of SEO is to increase organic traffic to your website by ensuring that the website ranks highly in search engine results pages (SERP). SEO is a powerful strategy that allows law firms to increase their exposure by targeting the keywords that new clients ultimately search for when looking for a new law firm online.

Connect With Your Community Every Day

How many times a year do you see a client on average? Once? Twice? By creating and posting targeted social media content, we help you keep an ongoing relationship with existing clients while attracting new client leads.

Being active on social media is about more than auto-posted law firm articles and cat memes. For social media to work for your law firm it needs to be authentic. That’s why our social strategies are built around high-quality, personalized content that showcases you, your law firm team and your community.

Our law firm marketing agency takes the hassle out of managing multiple accounts, and brings an expert eye to the design and storytelling of your posts, helping you stand out from the crowd. We’ll collect professional photos, before and afters, and candid shots and videos from your office to enhance your follower’s experience and start engaging potential clients.

Increase Brand Awareness Through Direct Mailers

Once the website launched and the digital strategy in full effect, it’s time to shift gears and let the offline world know that an amazing law firm is near by. To increase community awareness and reach a more digitally detached demographic of families and retirees, we set out to design an unforgettable and unignorable direct mailer. Using a “New client special”, the mailers enticed potential clients with a tangible offer that will get their attention and lead them to reach out to your law firm.

Additionally, the new website will be promoted on the mailer, getting organic and direct traffic. Any additional interest in a website seen by Google’s algorithm can serve to reinforce efforts driven by our SEO team. When a website receives seemingly spontaneous organic and direct traffic, Google sees this activity as an increased signal of the website’s authority which in turn helps improve a site’s rankings.

Showcase Your Law Firm Through Social Ads

10 years ago, a cross-channel marketing plan would have looked a lot different. Now that everyone is on social media, targeted Facebook Ads are a must. We can use social content and ads to reach people where they spend a significant amount of their time. Best of all, by targeting for specific audiences, we can curate our ads and messaging and speak to your ideal clients. This means your ad spend is being used as efficiently as possible and leading to a more positive return on your investment.

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